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    Would love to go offroading with anyone in NorCal. I live in Sunnyvale. We could go to Hollister or whever you like to go.

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    Welcome to the board.I am way down in ventura county.Seems like all the california people are a bit spread a part from each other.I want to hit holister sometime.I will let you know if and when I will be heading up there.

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    Actually,there is a member up that I think near your area.He is JE420EP.I believe he has wheeled Hollister before.He's the one that could probly show you around.

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    Hey Sully, how are you making out as to that fire?? Close to you?

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    Thanks for the help Sully. I will keep an eye out for him.

    Yeah, you arn't having any problems as with the fire are you? Such a horrible thing to see. God Bless those and their friends and families who lost their home or life to the fire.

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    tire questions

    Things are cooling off around my area.But there are still fires rageing all over the place.I am fine,the fires in my area have moved on to somewhere else.

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    Glad to know you are OK.

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    BTW, I live near San Jose. Are there any other four wheel sites close to me? I think Hollister is the closest but it is an hour away. It kinda of makes me mad that if I get a craving for some mud. I have to go my local park at 2 in the morning. haha Oh well.

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    I went scouting this summer for the perfect mudding spot.And I have found it.Just 10 mins down the road from my house.I cant wait for the rain.

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    Excellent! Just keep your headlights dim so no one sees ya. (I assume it isn't a designated off-road area, but maybe it is)

    I actually found a good spot at the local park. The park has a foot deep river through it and lots of baseball fields that get over sprinklered every night so it is always muddy!!! Of course I don't do it often because I have to keep my headlights off and lay off the brake as much as possible to not be seen.

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    The place down the street is where someone is trying to build indistrial buildings.But they have been trying for 2 years!There is a 40 foot long ditch that fillls with at least 2 feet of water.And we made it like a track so we can just have some fun and do jeep drag races.It will be awsome.

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    haha, thats one slow *** drag race. And finishing first, Sully!! With a top sped of 8 miles per hour! Amazing! haha

    Sounds fun though. Take some pics of the muddy aftermath for us.

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    The park has a foot deep river through it and lots of baseball fields that get over sprinklered every night so it is always muddy!!!

    Please take this the right way but it's people like you that give 4 wheel drive enthusiasts a bad name. People show up to play ball and you've torn up the field. They start bad mouthing all 4 wheelers and give us a bad public image. Then they start trying to shut down the few legal places left for us to go.

    Thanks alot dude.

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    No, I'm pretty sure they just blame it on dumb *** drunk teens with nothing else to do. I have thought about it before and I just realized that they have nothing to take away from me. The closest off-road site is a ways away. And I really don't think they blame it on off-roaders. If you have seen this actually happen before, please tell me because I don't want to be at all responsible for taking away a 4wd spot from everyone.

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    Eric,what you should do is go and find an empty dirt lot.Or ask a buddy who rides dirt bikes where they ride in the local area.And you will find a fun spot I am sure.

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    I'll look around. Thanks.

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    Find a place yet?

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    Found a christmas tree farm that has a big dirt parking lot that doesn't drain water at all! Damn its muddy, I just got to worry about the po-pos because it is in this rich town where there are always lots of 5-0s. The farm is owned by one family so I'm just gonna try asking them first. This is definatley the problem in living in rich suburbs. There is basically no empty land that no one cares about.

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    Hey noskils32!
    NorCal here, just saw your post. I know of few places we can go over by Patterson, I got pictures of it check it out page two at
    I'll talk my brother into going in his jeep, since I didn't get my brakes fixed yet, oops
    He sorta just got his jeep back today, blew his clutch out Sunday at this same place! haha He says it was an accident, I know he was just trying to impress the girls, heheheheh.
    SnoWhite Chrissy\'s Yeep

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    I'm here north of Sacto and watching this thread closely! I'm also looking for some wheeling spots. I know that there are a bunch of areas around but I don't want to wheel alone! :P
    1989 Sahara, 4.2, ignition upgrade, Pioneer CD, 8\" sub, 1\" shackle lift, Bombproof motor mounts. Lots to go!

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