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    I'm wondering if there are any off-road parks or things of that nature around my area to have some fun with my Cherokee... I'm driving a fully stock (except the tires) 2000 Cherokee, living in the Metro Detroit area... I'm not really looking to roll it down hills, smash dents in it, or totally tear it up (it's my all-around vehicle, and I'm still paying for it), but at the same time, I love getting it covered with mud and scaring the hell out of my passengers... Problem is, the closest area I know is my property in Indian River, a good 4.5 hours away on a good day. Anyone have any advice, I'm game. New to the wonderful world of Jeep as of May 2002, but since then, I've blasted around up north at my place a couple times, and loved every minute of it.

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    Hey Saurian,

    I live within 15 minutes of you! Im in Shelby Twp.. There really isnt any off road parks near by except the Mounds in flint. But you can PM me and id be glad to share some of my favorite spots around here. Nothing to rough but still real fun and I know some real good places to get as muddy as you want....and if you want to go for the big stuff I know where to find that stuff too .

    Lemme know if your interested!!

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    I live in Perry Mi. and are in need of sites to wheel. I've heard of the Mounds and are thinking about a trip to the Pig gig in Harrison in Aug.
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