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    Rusty floor boardsJeep YJ

    Hey Guys,
    Bought a 95 Wrangler a few months ago as a project. I’ve done some work to it, but now it’s time to change out my Driver and Passenger side floor boards. Bought the replacement pans online. I watched a video where rivets where recommended, due to thin gauge of metal. Looks like he added a layer of Bondo on top of rivets and sanded down and painted. I like the idea of not having to weld. Any suggestions or tips you have would be very helpful. T Rusty floor boardsJeep YJ-2c5c76ee-f26a-4d2b-9e73-6e854ca23050.jpegRusty floor boardsJeep YJ-2b294f8d-29af-4357-976a-a9e686b4726e.jpeg

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    Oh the rust looks bad. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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