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    Well my YJ transmission finally died on me the other day. It just completely went out on my way to a friends house. I am kind of sad that YJ's don't have better transmissions in them even though it's an automatic. I am lost on what to do. Don't have the cash for it to be fixed yet. I miss it already!
    95 YJ 4bangin, 3in BL, edelbrock shocks and SS, 33in bfg mt/km, dynocrap exhaust

  2. Tug Thinking XJ for a change! happened to me on Sunday. I think it's the weather or something. Maybe it's because I washed it. I washed it that afternoon for the first time and it died that night. I'm buying a new transmission and putting it in myself instead of having some yoke put it in and charge me out the wazoo. Good luck on fixing her, and I feel your pain.

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    That happened to me in the begining of january. I was jeepless for over a month while I saved up to get it repaired. When I finally got it back 1 1/2 weeks ago, It was the greatest thing. Hold in there and soon you will be back to jeepin.

    1993 YJ 2.5L 5-speed

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