1. Until I got my Jeep and started posting on this site, & NewEnglandJeepz I never had any problem with my computer, email or spam. Now all of a sudden I have 300 spam emails every few days clogging my mailbox. Even worse this week I just got notices from my website/email host that they are going to disable my account because they have had thousands of complaints from people that they are being spammed BY ME!!!

    They said if it wasn't me doing it purposely doing it then I probably have a virus. I bought and installed a new Norton Anti virus program, ran it and guess what... Appearantly my machine contracted a virus/trojan horse called 32Netsky somewhere. Of the approximately 55,000 files scanned on my machine almost 8000! were infected (7,913 to be exact).

    I had Norton quarentine all those files and then had them DELETED. I think my machine is now clean & I would like to keep it that way so I have disabled my email name . Anyone wishing to email me can do so through my website . I will not be posting here it for public it then becomes to easily accessible to spammers & hackers.

    Just a warning to everyone to watch out!

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    Thanks for the heads up dude.

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    Man, you got infected BAD. You got that virus from an attachment in an email that you opened more than likely. Be sure to keep that antivirus program updated. Mine is set to check for updates everytime I turn on the computer. Glad you got it fixed pretty easily.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by south442
    Man, you got infected BAD. You got that virus from an attachment in an email that you opened more than likely. Be sure to keep that antivirus program updated. Mine is set to check for updates everytime I turn on the computer. Glad you got it fixed pretty easily.
    Yeah... I feel so DIRTY & violated

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    i was gonna say you got a virus.... the jeep boards had nothing to do with it. it came from somewhere altogether different. definitely keep that thing updated and don't open any attachments you weren't expecting (even if its from someone you know)
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    What they said. Didn't happen from the jeep boards. Can't be too careful these days. Just have somebody take a look at your 'puter, or go to and run a system check, then follow the repair instructions.

    Take some penicilin too

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    As others have stated, It is NOT caused by the message board.

    What E-mail client do you use? If it's Microsoft Outlook, then that's your first big mistake. Outlook has many security issues, including the fact that it can/will open attachments automatically, thus basically inviting the virus inside of your computer without your permission. Other E-mail clients can have similar problems. Be sure attachments are NEVER allowed to auto-open, and never open attachments from addresses you don't recognize, ESPECIALLY if they are files ending in .EXE (windows executable) or .BAT (DOS/Windows Batch file).

    Do you use a GOOD firewall software? Even if you use a router with a built-in hardware firewall, it is almost a requirement now days to be using a decent software firewall on EVERY computer connected to the internet. ZoneAlarm is a great firewall, which even has a free version. Get it from Note that an anti-virus software is NOT a firewall and vice-versa. You should be using both. Windows is one of the only operating systems that doesn't have any form of a built in firewall. So it's no surprise that it is insecure.

    What browser do you use? If it is Internet explorer, you Must keep it updated and be careful. Internet explorer also has security issues and is especially good about allowing trojans and spybots, among other things, to inhabit your computer. All you can do is keep it up to date by downloading patches & praying, or get a different web browsing software. A really good free browser is Mozilla Firefox, from . It has many features the IE lacks such as a working pop-up add killer/blocker, tabbed browsing, and safety from most trojans and spybots (they aren't able to run through it.)

    If you don't take the minimal steps required for internet security, you'll have none and malignant software will find it's way in.

    Hope you find that helpful.
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    I am here all the time and do not have this problem. Please Capt don't email me! tug

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    It didnt come from here. I got slammed with virus and portal attacks at work this week. A couple of weeks ago microsoft had some code exposed and the hackers seemed to go nuts. It took me all week to clear my network. Most of this crap comes from email. Since I own a internet business I have to open emails and attachments. I have virus software but these *******s get thru. The hackers are just as smart as the guys making 500,000 a year at microsoft.
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    Playing on the internet without antivirus software and anti hacking (firewall) protection is completely nuts. I use McAffe, but Norton is also excellent. If anybody is reading this and they are unprotected let me tell you that it is insane, especially if you have financial or personal stuff in your PC. I work with a guy who bought (illegal) hacking software for under $100 and if he has your IP address he can take control of your PC if you're not firewalled. It's sick. Go to one of those (McAffe or Norton) and buy and download their software. If you've been online for any substantial amount of time without one of these or an equivelent software it is almost a given that you will have some sort of virus in your system.

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    I hope it didn't come from NEJ, I have been there since day one, and never had a problem. the same for, been here for a year and a half and never got a virus.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    It was definetely an email with a bad attachment. I personally never open emails that have attachments. If it looks weird, then it probably is bad. To tell you the truth, some of those viruses use your address book to spread it, so even email from friends should be looked at closely. If the email does not sound like the persons regular way of sending email, then simply delete it, email them back and ask them to email you the message again. OR, use an email agent such as HOTMAIL.COM. They will atomatically block anything McAffe scans as a possible virus.-al

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