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    so i hope everyone saw the pictures that lauraboston posted. thats my (now) infamous zj that got uber stuck. well now it has a problem. i hear a clicking noise now when i drive. it sounds like its coming from the axle area. it slows down and speeds up as i slow down and speed up. so i think that my guess of where its coming from is accurate. its not loud, but i can hear it from inside. but only with the windows down, i made it home about 45 minutes on the highway and didnt hear a thing. i think i might have hit it from underneath with a rock or something, anyone got an idea of what it might be? if this is easily fixed? safe/unsafe to drive on? any help would be much appreciated.

    i guess thats what i get for going stock in 3 feet of mud with my jeep
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    Have you washed out the brakes really good?

    What year ZJ? Do you have CV joints on the front axleshafts?

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    Do you have CV joints on the front axleshafts?
    last time i checked GC had a solid front axle
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    Don't know about ZJ's but does your front driveshaft still turn if you're in neutral? Try coasting in neutral and see if the clicking goes away. If it does, then it could be a bad u-joint or cv joint.

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    bounty, its a 96, and i'm going to go try to wash out the underside really well right now, wish me luck!
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    I need a hot wire

    My solid axle 2002 GC has CV joints. I think all the ZJs had Ujoints though.
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    made my work commute today, no problems (thank god). but still have that horrible rattling sound. i've been underneath with a mag lite numerous times the last few days, and i can still see no visible damage. at least not with my minimally trained eyes. anyone got a clue? any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by far_right
    last time i checked GC had a solid front axle
    I just learned this last week, but many Grand Cherokees had CV joints in the front axle shafts (of the solid axle D30) instead of the ujoints that we're accustomed to.

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    very interesting bounty, quite informative, if this is indeed the problem, how would i diagnose this? i obviously dont need to replace this right away if it isnt the problem, so i'd like to know for sure. any ideas anyone?
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    so there's a good chance that its my cv joint, i'm going to check to make sure. but if i find out it is, anyone know where to get a good u-joint to replace it? something worth putting in there, not the oem part. the link bounty put up the guy said he paid $120 for his.
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    [quote="Bounty__Hunter"]Have you washed out the brakes really good?

    I had a good clicking noise coming from under my Jeep. Washed out the brakes and everything, but it didn't go away. Took the brakes apart and cleaned them up even BETTER, and the noise was gone. Just a thought

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    good idea wrangles, i think i'll go try that right now.
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    Used D30 shafts from a non-disconnect D30 should work just fine, it's a relatively strong axle. Keep in mind that '95.5+ had the larger 297x front axle ujoint, '95- has the 260x. You'll need shafts with the tone rings if you have ABS.

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    is replacing a cv joint an easy task? i talked to a pretty tech savvy jeep friend, and he said it might be a difficult thing, something i might just be better off taking to a mechanic/dealer. anyone agree or disagree with this?
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    This may seem like too obvious of a question, but have you checked the driveshaft u-joints for proper operation (they could be sticking and making a click when forced to release)?

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    From looking at the pic I wouldn't know where to begin when replacing just the CV joint in the shaft. Be easier and cheaper to pick up used ujoint shafts.

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    well, thats what i meant, the general consensus was that i should replace with a u joint anyways, but is THAT doable? or am i better off just getting someone to do it?
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    let some one else do it if your not experienced with this level of work.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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