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    so in talking about cars with a friend, she asked how reliable jeeps are and how they do with mileage (specifically wranglers), and i couldn't really answer her , so i told her i'd find out. anyone want to inform me? :P
    *she's had really bad luck with every car she's owned... i'm hoping to convert her, but i figured i owed her a truthful answer... :wink:

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    i know an XJ with over 300k on it - my ZJ has 151k on it now and still runnign great.... the 4.o liter runs forever if it is taken care of.
    When I Die, Bury me in my JEEP. 'Cause it's never been in a hole it couldn't get out of!

    1995 Grand Cherokee w/ swaybar disconnects and 30" tires and a 2000 Grand Cherokee stock.

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    The 2 main motors in Wranglers, the 2.5L 4 cyl and the 4.0L 6 cyl, are both well known for their longevity. My neighbor just got rid of a Cherokee with the 2.5L (same motor as the Wrangler) and it had 258,000 miles with no major engine work. It still ran, she traded it for a Liberty.

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    Let's see.....This one is on its 3rd engine, 3rd transmission, 2nd Tcase, and it's in the process of getting it's third set of axles.

    108,000 miles

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    79,xxx miles on a 98 TJ W/ Almighty 2.5L Low Output

    Motor is still wrapped tight and gets the heck run out of it daily........

    I cant Kill this motor not even after hydro locking it 4 times !!!!!!
    98\' TJ w/ the Almighty 2.5L Low Output 5spd.,Sporting an ,A.A. SYE,F&R Woodies,4.88\'s,F&R Lockers,4in Skyjacker Lift,33\'s on rockcrawlers,Warn M8000,Jeeperman Bumper,Discos,Xenon flares,Header&catback exhaust,4 daylighters !!!

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    My 1988 Cherokee has 409,618 miles on it. Those of you who've been here a while might have noticed that the number hasn't gone up in quite some time. That's because it is still undergoing modifications :wink: (Geez I'm sooo eager to get it done and back on the road -- or maybe get it off-road :P ). Anyways, 355,xxx of those miles were with the original 4.0L engine! Believe it or not the original Peugeot BA-10 transmission is still in good working order.

    My 1997 Wrangler has 112,700 miles on it and the engine is going strong but the AX-15 transmission is on the way out (since the former owner drove it into the ground ) Anyways, I'm hoping for 400,xxx miles out of this engine too (I have high expectations)

    1988 Jeep Cherokee w/ 410,000+ miles. Now a 100% Electric Vehicle!
    NO Gas, NO Emissions, NO Problem! --

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    The '88 MJ I just picked up a while back has 212,000 and appears to be the original 4.0L and auto transmission. Runs great.

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    91 Wrangler 2.5L I bought 2 years ago has 130,000 and purrs like a kitten.
    ---1991 Wrangler, 1" BL, 31x10.5 Pirelli Scorpion AT's, K&N filter, almost stockin' still rockin'---

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    Sixpack the XJ has 110,000 ish miles on it. Still runs great!

    Currently own a 98 XJ bone stock, but click Here: For pics of my TJ and old XJ.

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    almost 9000 on my jeep. I only drive it on weekends and after work, I gots a work van that does most of the driving.

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    95 YJ with 4.0 and 130k and 93 YJ with 2.5 and 125k
    These voices in my head are giving me a headache....

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    got a 4.0 in my 91 YJ... about to hit 204 k
    91 YJ 4.0 5spd
    SOA + 1.5" reverse eye RE springs
    D44 LS Rear & ZJ Disks
    4.56 gears
    36"x14.5" Parnelli Jones'
    Jks discos
    Warn XD9000i
    Banks SS exhaust
    High Steer!
    And a bunch of home made stuff!

    Stock 2005 Loaded WK, for now!

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    94 yj has only 110K on it.

    When I bought it back in 2000, it had 85K, and my fathers friend had a 89 YJ that he put 250K give or take until he had to rebuild the motor.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


  14. CJ7 in my sig pic has 77K but I did rebuild the engine last year due more to leaks and to add mods than anything (still had plenty of power) The scrambler next to it has a little under 3500 miles, and my wife's CJ7 has 105K on it. All have 258's and all are 85's.
    85 CJ7 258, borla header,jacobs, weber, T5, B&M shifter,1pieceaxles,warn hubs/ XD8000i

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    I'm here just for TwistedCopper!

    New Tires, Part Deux

    My '94 YJ with the 2.5L engine had 54,000 on it when I bought it in January. It just turned 61,000 this weekend and is going strong. My old Toyota 4wd ('85 with 4cyl) had 275,000 miles on it when I sold it last fall. I'd guess that over 150,000 of those miles were in deep mud, sand, or snow.

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    162K On my 93' grand still running strong........
    When I sold my 94' yj she had 170k and I still see her all over town a year later.

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    I had a 92'YJ with just over 92,000 on it and it had nothing done to it except a new clutch, now I have a 95'YJ with 83,000 with a new motor.
    95\' YJ
    4\" Rough Country 31\" MT/Rs
    3/4\" Canyon Crawler Shackles
    Flowmaster Exhaust/Gutted Cat
    Custom K&N Intake
    4 Banger\'

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    My '93 YJ has 154,xxx on it and runs good. And that's after the previous owner did absolutely nothing in the way of basic maintenance.
    It's still a Jeep, stock, locked or lifted. Rock on Jeepers Hooahh.
    '93 YJ, 3.5" Black Diamond lift, 31" BFG AT's, Opta off-road lights, Supertop, blacked out rims, Transmission cooler, Posi-lok, and more in the works

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    99 tj 4.0
    66k and is running great.
    like they said, just take care of it.
    99 TJ 4.0

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    The clock says 133,000 but it stopped way back in 1993. Since it was a daily driver and he road tripped it to canada alot I would have to say at least 200k on the original motor and trans. Suprisingly, the motor runs like a top!

    Lucky for me the guy that owned it before me maintaned the jeep more than he needed to. He even gave me all the recepts for everything he did. Oil changes, tires, plugs, wires, lights, brakes. I was quite lucky to find it.

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