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    Yea anyways, I need help finding parts. Spinner hub caps, turbo chargers, superchargers, whatever you guys can find. I think johnny has some metro knowledge.

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    Geo metro

    Shut up... this is a joke. Pshhhh....blahh.....

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    No really, me and my friend are going to rice out a metro.

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    spinning hubs can be found at your local pep boys, autozone etc... i've always seen those there and thought it would be funny to buy a set for a car like that, not that i'd ever want to own a metro....

    they've also probably got a lot of other ghetto fab stuff you can buy for the metro, such as seatbelt covers and fuzzy dice! get pictures of that whip when its done!!
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    I saw those plastic spinner hub caps at autozone and thought it would be funny to buy them just to put on my friend's car. I saw some on the road a few weeks ago. They looked so incredibly terrible!

  6. I am assuming that this is a mock ricing.....not a serious ricing? If so, you cant go wrong with a folgers can for a muffler, and a folding iron board for the spoiler

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    make sure you put a wing on the hood and get lots of stickers, they increase horsepower by 20% with each sticker, and dont forget to paint it a cool primer color
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    Nah we are keeping the color stock, and yes we are using a folgers coffee can for our exhost tip. Yes this will definitly be a mockery of ricers everywhere.

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    Going to use a snowboard as a wing ?

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    Try card board.

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    get chrome paint.. and paint up into the tires to make the "rims" appear to be bigger

    plywood body kit

    spraypaint tint
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    Don't forget to put lots of LEDs all over the dash inside of the windshield! Underbody neon too!

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    A Metro huh? That reminds of the dude that used to run around here with the riced out Yugo. His body kit was made from sheetmetal flashing and held together with pop rivets. The muffler was a cherry bomb with a big chrome tip on it. He had the finest plastic wheel covers that Kmart offered, and Rustoleum took care of the custom paint. A "turbo" hood scoop and junkyard spoiler and he was big pimpin. The sad part was that he wasn't mocking anything, he was serious.
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    Hey now. Dont be dissin' my metro.

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    See, told yall he waddin't serious.

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    I am serious. this metro will soon be a reality.

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    Forget all the other responses. To do some serious speed mods, you need yellow. Lots of yellow! You'll get some boost painting the trim... but if you're really serious, remove all the plastics from the interior and paint them yellow, too. These mods work especially well if you keep the stock paint... faded.

    It should put you in the high 17's. Give 'em hell.


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