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    Has anyone else noticed that channel 611 on direct tv is a jeep channel. My brother just called me and told me to turn there and sure enough. Pretty Cool

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    Yeah I saw that today before I came to work, there was nothing on when I turned to it. Is it an Off Road/Jeep channel or just an ad channel?

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    Not sure they were showing a test drive of the new GC when i was watching.

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    611 is showing unavailable on my Direct TV

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    It's not listed in my DirectTV directory and says it's unavailable when I try to put that channel in using the remote.

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    COOL! Now I need to run home and see if I get it!! That would be awesome!

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    It must come and go or something cause it is unavailable on mine today. Maybe it is just an ad channel that pops up everyonce in awhile. But last night over on the side where is says CBS or whatever station u are on, it said Jeep. Beats me.

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