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    In this season of high credit card balances, check your bill carefully. I stayed home from work today to go Christmas shopping and checked my account online before I left. I had a $225 charge on there that wasn't mine! Somebody got my number and I had to shut down my card before it gets worse. The part that really ticks me off is that the credit card people said that there were several other big charges that had been rejected over the last week. Shouldn't I get some sort of alert????

    I don't get paper statements, I shred all receipts, etc, so I don't know how this happened. I do make online purchases, mostly for Jeep stuff, so maybe that was it. Who knows. Be careful. Happy holidays.

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    RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Help!! I think she might blow!!!

    I am in a habit of checking my credit card balances online 3-4 times a week. I want to be sure i know of everything being charged.

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    RE: Check those credit card bills...

    It SUCKS!

    This happened to me last week, except it was my debit card. Luckily enough, the bank credited my account after I reported it. I do a lot of purchasing online (we own Jeeps so we have to). Some stupid *******s got my number and kept on taking money out of my account. The bad part of it was that a stop check would not work on it because everytime they took money out of my account, they would change their name slightly. Just watch out and always check your cards.

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    RE: body parts, hood

    god i got a call due to unusually amount of increased activity and you know what.................it was my wife and I. I love my bank but i was shocked they would look into it because it is x=mas time and all. Not like we spent big dollars either.
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    I have only one credit card and it is for the company I drive for! Learned along time ago that the credit card is for someone other than tug, Like to buy on a whim to much to carry one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tug-n-pull
    I have only one credit card and it is for the company I drive for! Learned along time ago that the credit card is for someone other than tug, Like to buy on a whim to much to carry one.
    Me too. We only have Amex now - you have to pay it off in 30 days so there's no room for frivilous spending.

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    Not sure if any of you guys run businesses, but I accept credit cards, and this fraud is even worse for merchants than for card holders.

    Most often, a thief will steal your card, and use it to buy goods from a merchant. You'll eventually notice the charges, and call your card company, and do a chargeback on all incorrect charges.

    The other side of it is, the company that accepted the stolen card, will be out the cost of the goods, plus the cost of the chargeback (this is normally $30 per incident). Get too many chargebacks and Visa/ MC will give you the boot. I even once got an email calling me every name in the book because the card holder automatically assumed that I stole their card (would the thief really write their name on your credit card statement?).

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    RE: Merry Belated everyone come see my X-Mas present

    The day before Christmas my debit card was shut off for suspisous charges. That was fine and all but they didnt even contact me or anything so when I went to make a purchase I was denied. at 3pm on Christmas eve. Oh by the way we have sent you a new card but you have no access to your money for another 3 days ........... Credit card fraud seems to be at an all time high this year.

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