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    Well I have been busy and not been on the site much. I have been working with a friend and we built a rear rock bumper and swing out tire carrier for my XJ.

    Since they run $600 to $800 everywhere, I thought I would just build one myself. I am really happy on how it turned out and building and designing it from scratch gives you a great sense of accomplishment.

    Take a look at it if you want to


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    New Rock Bumper and Tire Carrier

    That's a nice looking bumper - Good job!

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    Great job! Kinda tells ya' what kinda' mark-up they've got on those things!
    Just Enjoy Every Possibility!

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    RE: New Rock Bumper and Tire Carrier

    not bad at all, i like the way its offset and the way you carried it all the way to the other side, lots of oppurtunities to place other mounts
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    NICE! Question: where is your plate gonna go now?
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    RE: adding a 2" lift to front

    Was wondering the same thing, looks like the licence plate is just a wee bit obscured, they'd have a field day with that one in Michigan...

    The bumper looks excellent, really like how it turned out... Congrats!

    the feeling's forever...

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    RE: New Rock Bumper and Tire Carrier

    Question: where is your plate gonna go now?
    Yup, I know..

    I thought about different ways already to move it eventually.
    I am currently looking for one deal that mounts it into the center of the spare Any info would be appreciated.

    I also am thinking about mounting it in the lower right hand corner to the swing so it will pivot out and I will have 12 volts handy for the light.
    Since it is not a daily driver, I have not been really been too concerned although the Texas DPS will nail you for failure to display.

    I just finished building my own pull point/ ring for the reciever, so the plate mounting will be the next thing to tackle.

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    Maybe you could make a receiver plate mount?!? Should work unless you want to tow something.

    Or get one of those magnetic ones like the dealers use! :P That would last a day or two 'til someone stole it!
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    Looks good 90Xjay!

    I think this might work with a little fudging.. just run a bolt through the large hole in the upper portion (see pic). Mount plate to 5/16" slots on bottom portion. (Or flip it so that slots are on top)

    You could relocate your plate onto the leftside of the tail gate. Of course, the recessed area it normally goes onto would still show a little. Just get a bigger tire to cover that up! Here is a write up on that:

    Here is an example of a license plate mounted on the spare:

    I like how he relocated the lights.

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    RE: Jeepz Dot Com -- Our New Theme Song

    Thanks for the links. I will with think about it and more than likely go with the area that is easiest to get the lights to.

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    That's nice. Good job.

    How much does it weigh?
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    Nice job! Are you takin' orders yet?

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    No, not taking orders just yet.

    When you are fabricating as you go, it sure takes a long time to build something right, I can imagine people who do build for production, having to build a prototype for each model.

    My next deal is building my own rock-sliders, which brings to mind a question. Have any of you seen 1X4 retangle steel before?

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    RE: Re: RE: Anyone else havin

    Have any of you seen 1X4 retangle steel before?
    I'm sure I have. It's just going to be hard to find and probably only available in a thin wall......Or are you talking about solid bar stock. I've got some 1x6 bar on the floor right now, so I imagine 1x4 isn't too hard to come by.
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    I guess something about 1/8" or around a 10 guage is what thickness I would want to build rock rails from. I don't want to just use a 2X2, I would want them to be maybe 1X4 and be more flat to the surface like skis..

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    It looks very smooth and tough! The liscense plate isnt in a bad spot either. Very nice work, cant wait to see what you build for the front!

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    RE: Luckiest man alive!!!

    Thank you all for the compliments. It means a great deal considering the crowd of talented folks on this board. I really mean that.

    The front bumper will have to wait till spring or early summer, I am still kicking ideas around on it.

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