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    Anybody know where I can buy 'em? My local Napa doesn't have them

    got a part # for axle joints, 2000 XJ - D30?

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    RE: Re: RE: 12.5" tire on 8" rim? ** Yes or No?

    keep calling around...dont buy antyhing else..

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    Do you have any local driveline or axle shops? They should have them.

    That's where I get all mine (6 States Distributors)....and I think is the best and only way to go (cheap and strong!!)

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    I know has them.

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    Re: RE: New Rims 15 or 16"?

    Well I ended up having to buy the Precision 377 from NAPA. Couldn't find spicer locally and I had to fix it this weekend. They are beefier looking than the stck ones but we shall see...

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    If soeone needs spicers, my local machine shop carries them for $15.00 for the HD units (260, not sure how much 297's are)
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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