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    Hello, I realize this is a forum mostly about 4 wheelin' jeeps, but I wondered if someone could answer this question or direct me to a forum that is better suited to these types of questions, as I am not a frequent 4 wheeler...
    Here's my 2 questions: 1. Having occasional (more frequent recently) problems getting my 2001 Grand Cherokee to start when the transmission is in the park position. It is an automatic transmission. When I depress the brake and turn the key I get nothing, if I shift into neutral the engine fires as normal. Seems to me this would be some type of sensor that is not working properly. As I said it does not happen all the time, maybe 4 out of 10 times, but I am concerned that it will get worse and not even start the engine eventually. Wife often drives this vehicle and I do not want it to malfunction when she has the vehicle. Any help or direction in this would be greatly appreciated!!
    Another question, 2. As many of you are perhaps aware the lettering, emblems or nameplates (4x4, Grand Cherokee, JEEP, etc.) on the body of recent model year's Jeep's/Dodge's/Chrysler products (Jeeps, Liberty's, Grand Caravans, Caravans, etc.) are junk. They are fake chrome letting that easily peels away from the (what appears to be) aluminum letters. They are really cheap and make a decent looking vehicle look bad. Does anyone know if the companies that made these (Dodge, Jeep, etc.) are replacing the junk ones with actual chrome emblems or how I can get these replaced? I have not contacted a dealer about any of these 2 problems yet as I was hoping thhis forum could help me get some answers first. I didn't buy this car from a dealer and do not look forward to the hassle of getting these things taken care of by them. Thanks again and in advance for any and all help you guys can give me!!!!

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    RE: axle replacement

    Sounds like a problem with the neutral safety switch... Just my best guess though. Thats what keeps your starter from engaging when you are in gear, only allowing you to start in park and neutral. If for whatever reason it wasn't working right all the time in the park position, that's what you'd see. Maybe try wiggling the shifter around next time you have the problem, or shifting it out of park and back into park and try again.

    I just bought new lettering for the side of my CJ. I can tell you that the dealer stocked that, if you want to go that route. I also saw alot of lettering available on ebay, which was cheaper.

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