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    new tires and wheels

    looking to put new tires and rims on my 2002 jeep grand cherokee, it has auto air sensor valves, going to put on non sensing wheels and tires. will i have to change anything or will it not matter? please advise

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    Re: new tires and wheels

    umm, my best guess is go ahead and change, and if the air system kinda goes crazy, remove the fuse for it?
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    Re: new tires and wheels

    Not sure if Chrystler's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) works the same as other manufacturers. I work in a wheel manufacturing plant and we make the wheels that use this system. The wheel has a specially drilled valve hole to accomidate a special valve stem. If you take the tire off the rim you will find a small, flat, plastic box on the end of the valve stem which is battery operated (watch type battery) and monitors tire pressure. They were talking about making one that operates by the rotation of the wheel and might have already switched to that. When the tire pressure reaches a certain low point it will transmit to your monitoring system inside the vehicle. If you get aftermarket rims they will not be able to fit this special valve stem and your monitoring system will no longer work.

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