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    remote winch control

    Just thought This Looked pretty cool anyone used one of these?
    I have had good luck with ok4wd and was just looking through each area and found that... guess it's another thing on my wish list a Super Strap that looks like a good Idea http://www.ok4wd.com/index.php/catal...ecovery_strap/
    and This Winch Saver that also looks like a great idea

    just thought I would relay the finds and see what you guys think also. My wish List Keeps getting longer and longer.

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    Re: remote winch control

    I don't know if I'd trust that Super Strap. What if you give it a little slack and it loosens up? What happens if you get it wet or full of mud? I think I'd get a little more info or hear of actual testimonies before I used one of those.

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    Re: remote winch control

    I use a rubber puck with a slit on it to protect the hook. As I wind in, just slide it on and snug the hook in.

    For a remote I just have a dash mounted unit between the strg wheel and radio.
    Felix S

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