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    Editing tools

    Hey guys and gals, looking for some help. I got a new computer and now i need some software for editing MINDV moviues and such on. Also what program is everyone using to edit digital photos? P.S. I am not the greatest computer guy so don't get all techie on me, but i want something that will produce great movies on a DVD as this is our way to send our movies of our daughter back to our family in Cali. We are several thousand miles away and our twice yearly visits are not enough. Can't wait to move there.
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    Re: Editing tools

    as far as digital photos go, depend on what you need to do with them adobe photoshop is a very good program(however it comes with a rather large price tag), but it can do everything, and does take some time to get the hang of.
    If you just need to chop up photos and resize might as well use MS paint, it does the little things. for putting minidv to dvd, its very easy to use and lets you do some minor editing. Nothing that premire or avid can do, but 80% of the things they can do you'd prolly never use.

    Did your camera come with software for converting to dvd? i know some do

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    Re: Editing tools

    If you want to do movies and photos and you don't know a lot about computers (and don't want to spend a few frustrating months learning software and getting to run well) just buy a MAC. After I did, I can do Anything I want, and I don't know anything about computers. MACs come from factory with all the photo editing and video editing and DVD authoring software you will likely need.

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    Re: Editing tools

    I just bought a mini dv camera about a year and a half ago. I've tried a couple of different editing programs (adobe premiere pro was very complicated...and expensive) from friends and ended up liking Pinnacle Studio the best. It's extremely easy to use and you can produce good quality videos from it. Best of all it's not extremely expensive like some other programs out there. The only downside to this program is that some parts of it are locked and you have to purchase them individually through the pinnacle website....options such as advanced sound effects ect. If you look around on the net you can find some of the codes to unlock parts of the program.

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