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    in the chat room we were talkin bout how many miles our jeeps have.....just wondering how many everyone has on their jeeps?

    mine has 207K w/ one rebuild round 27 or 28k ago.

    82 CJ5 that dont run.... and is no more.... 94 Z71

    J, you wont be forgotten

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    no oil burning and no leaks on a 4banger with 150k. Running on luck here! Tug [addsig]

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    No problems at 87k 95 YJ 2.5[addsig]

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    101k 4cly 2.5l. knock on wood[addsig]
    you better run Terror! Im comming for you!

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    Mine is a frankenstein jeep so actual milage is unknown [addsig]
    '47 CJ2A My build
    '74 Cherokee S 401/auto My build

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    motor and chassis have 145xxx miles... starts every morning and takes a beating! drips a little oil but oh well. i do'nt feel like replacing the main seal...[addsig]

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    Just hit 64,600 last night. My engine is a beaut, its not where my problems are... but i have plenty.[addsig]

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    78000 on my 1990 YJ [addsig]
    3.5\" rough country lift, 33x12.50 Dunlop Radial Mud Rovers, K&N, GT steering wheel, Flowmaster w/ no cat

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    91,000+ on a original 4-banger w/auto transmission. May the Jeep Gods smile upon us all![addsig]

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    62xxx on the ol filled!! [addsig]

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    my 76 model 360 says 163k on the odometer but it dont work anymore so i havent got a clue. It uses a little and drips a little oil but still runs strong as hell. But it takes alot of TLC. [addsig]

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    my 1993 2.5L has a little over 98,000 on the clock. starts right up, even when it was on its side last monday[addsig]
    1993 YJ 2.5L 5-speed

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    Just got rid of a 97 Wrangler 4 cyl with 130k running great... the 95 has 140k and going strong[addsig]

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    98,600 on my '91 YJ 2.5. A little leakage out of the T-case but I'll live with that. I think the engine is gonna out live my floor pan . Thats O.K. I like seeing the road benieth my feet. [addsig]

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    I bought my Jeep back in March with 96K and the motor was dead. I wanted a six so bad, but my parents would only allow me to put a 4 back in. I just hit 100K a while ago and no problems yet, wait, why should there be?


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    108K on the clock when my transmission died[addsig]

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    If my odometer was under would eventually cry out "114,000." If you asked the Jeep...somewhere around 175,000. It could be more...I'm the second, but favorite owner.[addsig]

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    Wrangler has 125xxx, the 258 is out of an 84CJ so who knows

    CJ5 has, um...i have no idea. theres no odo. well there was but it broke, so when i pulled it out to fix it..well lets just say theres a big open section sittion in that big round speedo.[addsig]

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    84 CJ 146000, 89 XJ 154000, 94 XJ 2.5L 135000[addsig]

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