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    Would it be wrong of me to put a sound system in my Jeep. Like a JL W7 in the back? Is that too much like a rice eater? I love bass, but I dont want to embarras the Jeep population. Write back and tell me what u think.


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    Whatever you can bolt down...go nuts. [addsig]

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    Amen Natty! I have two 10" subs, killer amp, and a nice stereo.

    <TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD><font class="pn-sub">Quote:</font><HR></TD></TR><TR><TD><FONT class="pn-sub"><BLOCKQUOTE> Whatever you can bolt down...go nuts. </BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE>

    Kick out the Jams! [addsig]

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    just remember one thing...the more system in the Jeep, the less room for you and your five buddies Rob [addsig]

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    better lock it down good, like getting some of them sub lock boxes cause when ur open, ur really really open[addsig]
    you better run Terror! Im comming for you!

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    The Louder the better cause with the top down at 70 and running loud pipes you got to have tunes. The injustice will come from the music you pick and play! Larwence Welk as great as he is don't ride well in Jeeps! Nor does some other well known players, so gang here is a chance to let him know what he should and should not be blaren out of a respectible Jeep! Tug[addsig]

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    yea ive got 2 10" perfects, had my amp stolen tho(the subs are worth more, so dont ask me why they took the amp instead), so make sure you've got a good alarm if you go topless, or you lock EVERYTHING down. id suggest gettin a dog[addsig]
    Summit County, Colorado - 96 XJ - Magnaflow exhaust, K & N filtercharger, H4 conversion, MT/R's on 767's, safari rack, hot blonde and an Australian Shepherd riding shotgun

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    I have 2 Infinity 10's and amp in my Jeep all locked up and I carpeted the top of the sub box to look like the Instra-Trunk option on the TJ's so even Jeep owners have to take a second look to find where the bass is coming from.[addsig]

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    Before your time, but it will surive to our Grandchildren..................................... ................

    When you "ARRIVE" the only 'proper' is "smoke on the water" Deep Purple.....[addsig]

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    I'm glad that you guys think it would be alright. I am thinking of putting a W7 behind the back seat. Right no all I have is a lonely Pioneer deck with stock 4X6's. Thanks for all the replies.


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    i have a decent system in my XJ:

    -JVC Headunit

    -6 piece jensen component speakers

    -MTX 250 watt amp

    -12" sony Xplod sub (i know... the sub sucks... don't waste your breath telling me...)

    the system is very clean overall, not overpowering, not choppy either... i have the sub turned up about 1/4 of the way because i hate too much bass...


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    I'm running a Kenwood head unit, a 200 watt amp, 4 s[eaker. 2 in the dash and 2 infinity's in tuffy lock boxes and a bazooka tube between the seats. ONE MAJOR POINT, make sure that whatever you mount to the Jeep, that there's no metal on metal and use lock washers so the bolts dont loosen up. I'm sure you know this but it is my duty to tell people this. The Jeep I have was my sis-n-laws. She had a stereo place (that ULTIMATEly sucks at putting in ELECTRONICS) put in the sound system. They didn't put anything between the lockboxes and the wheel wells. And when they bolted them down, they didn't use any lock washers. So they rattled like a catalytic converter with a piece of the honeycomb left inside! I had to re-do the whole thing when I got it home. I put foam like shelf paper between the box and the wheel well. That solved that rattle, now I have to chase down another.[addsig]

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    for the puropse of sound, i like my sound bar. for the purpose of sanity, i want to damn it to hell. The ear level speakers are a great idea, and the overall quality of the speakers in the sound bar is pretty good. For all the hell the thing puts me through id have just as soon made my own though. Moral: if u like wiring and love to spend hours on a project: steehorse soundbar! if not, find another way.[addsig]
    you better run Terror! Im comming for you!

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    I would have thought that the roar of the engine and the humm of the tires would be music enough!

    But Ya need some tune sometimes...

    If it has a radio and it still works, fine but if you have to add one, I'd worry 'bout the theives and get something "not to expensive" so you won't cry when you need to replace it..

    What about ruining it with the mud and water and stuff???

    Anybody found a good setup for under $200?

    Boombox in the back maybe?

    I would think Y'all would want to spend the dough on other mods like suspension or engine... [addsig]

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    my jeep is my daily driver, so i have to find a mix between wheeling and stacking 5 girls in the back and 3 more in the front. They love the long shifter, hehe, sorry (one time this girl was gtting in and she said "wow, ur stick is really long" meaning the shifter, but it was still a pretty funny event)[addsig]
    you better run Terror! Im comming for you!

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    I agree with mental..I've got the stock system in mine, and am working on saving the $$$ for things like the lift, gears, lockers, and other mods...the system comes last.

    Rob [addsig]

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    I'd go for the system... If anything compares to goin wheelin', its goin wheelin with your favorite tunes. I had a cheap shock-sensor alarm put in for like a hundred something bucks at a local stereo shop. Then i threw a Panasonic face in. Also since i took out my back seat, i put two 6X9's in boxes right in the back, and kept the 4X6's goin, but faded a lot of the power to the back. sounds great, but i need a little more bass so sometime soon ill throw in a sub. Love havin' no backseat tho, it was such a pain to drive people around and watch them try to fumble around for an hour to get the seat to fold forward

    Anyway i turned the sensitivity on my alarm way up, and i only set it when im in certain places. It goes off even when my friends truck drives too close to it, so if someone can unscrew my speakers or rip out my face without setting it off and telling the whole parkinglot, i gotta meet'em

    The loud music makes the women look, the jeep makes them fall in love


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    <TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD><font class="pn-sub">Quote:</font><HR></TD></TR><TR><TD><FONT class="pn-sub"><BLOCKQUOTE> The loud music makes the women look, the jeep makes them fall in love </BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE>

    amen ctjeeper[addsig]
    Summit County, Colorado - 96 XJ - Magnaflow exhaust, K & N filtercharger, H4 conversion, MT/R's on 767's, safari rack, hot blonde and an Australian Shepherd riding shotgun

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    hey man.. just because we drive jeeps does not mean we cant groove .. it's your ride.. go nuts.. on that note.. go to find install glossary.. look for the jeep section.. have a look at wrangler 1. has some good ideas on what you can do to your doors, amp rack and subs... good luck[addsig]

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    Jensen marine/boat stereo/cd player in mine. Nice for obvious reasons. Just a set of Polk Audio's in the front. I'd love to put more, but for the $$$, rather put it towards a new engine, or transfer case, or roof rack, trail rack over the spare, swing out tire carrier with bumper w/ hitch, 1,000 fog lights, winch, and everything else that is still on the perpetual Christmas list.[addsig]

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