1. Harbor Freight Haul-Master Trailers

    Has anyone bought one of these? And if so, how do you like it? I am looking at the 48" x 96" foldable trailer. I will be pulling it behind my TJ for hauling my motorcycle on short trips and Home Depot runs. Thank you in advance. :)

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    Re: Harbor Freight Haul-Master Trailers

    Never had one of those, but I have a 4'X8' "landscape"-style utility trailer I pull behind my 4banger TJ - and am very happy with it! Very handy and a great size for Jeeps (same footprint). I hope you're going with the 12" tires (I believe my has 14's, but I paid $500 for it)...........I wouldn't feel comfortable pulling anything with 8" tires?!?!! If you decide to go with it, keep us posted on how well you like it. Curious minds would like to know!!
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    Re: Harbor Freight Haul-Master Trailers

    I've seen them assembled at our local HF, and they look pretty flimsy

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    Re: Harbor Freight Haul-Master Trailers

    I have one, hauled my motorcycle with it, it is pretty durable. it is rated to I believe 900 lbs but I have had way more in it. this is the only pic I can find, and it this is about 8 years ago. I keep it out side and the finish has held up really good cinsidering I live in New England.

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