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    I have a 1949 CJ 3A that needs full restoration and im not in the position to do that really, i dont have a shop or anything i just have basic tools and not alot of time or money to put into it. it will take years and thousands of dollars. I found a 1978 J 20 truck for 1700.oo in what seems to be good condition. Description is as follows: 360/auto, full time 4WD, runs great, lots of new parts, lots of extra parts, needs TLC, 9500 # winch, p/seats,k pw,. pl., pb., ps., custom dash w/autometer gauges. 58,000 miles. $1700 obo.

    I dont know how old/new the picture of it is but it looks nice no rust or anything. i could sell the jeep i have now for 1000 (maybe more?) because i know a guy that will.

    anyways, should i sell the willy and get the j 20?

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    Re: what should i do

    Hmm, that's a tough one. They are both nice jeeps but considering that you don't have the time or money to spend on the willys then I would get the J20 and start wheelin'. It sounds like it's ready to go compared to the willys.
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    Re: what should i do

    Go with the J20. Drive it and have a good time. I don't mind a project, but if you have to work on if for a year before you go for a test drive, then it isn't worth it.

    This truck has been on craigslist near me for some time now for $5500. I'd get it before I did a ground up of my own - probably alot cheaper to buy someone else's project

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    Hmmm..no shop, no tools, no time, no money and trying to get into one of the most addictive hobbies around. Welcome to the brotherhood!
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    Re: what should i do

    another problem is this truck is 5 hours north from where i live and i dont want to go there and find out i dont want it

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    Re: what should i do

    Make a day trip out of it. If it turns out you dont want/like the truck then it is only gas but if you do, then from what i have read you get yourself a nice truck and can start wheeling right away.

    I drove 19hours (1 way) from Denver to Detroit to pick up a set of axles. THEN drove back with em. It made for a fun road trip.


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    Re: what should i do


    Buy the J20, give me the CJ! I will surely give it a good home
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    Re: what should i do

    Quote Originally Posted by jps4jeep View Post

    Buy the J20, give me the CJ! I will surely give it a good home
    i will gladly sell u the willy. and some one got to the owner of the j20 before i did, DAMNIT. .....life goes on. i really wanted that though it was perfect. guess i will keep lookin.

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