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    Mile Marker PE8000

    What are everyone's thoughts on the Milemarker PE 8000 winch? Saw one for 388.99 and being an impulsive buyer i want to make sure it is something that would last.


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    Re: Mile Marker PE8000

    Bargain winches are good if you intend to use it very rarely, and if you don't mind the unbearably slow speed, at all. I've run with plenty of guys who use them, and I always just volunteer to winch if I can instead of them. Mile Marker makes some good winches, but their bargain winches are slow. I run an XD9000i, love it every time I use it. I've treated it pretty bad, pulled some unsavory pulls, and some that should have never been pulled and it has yet to give up on me. I won't use anything but Warn.

    What you really need to ask yourself are these couple of questions:

    1)How often do you intend to use it?
    2)When you use it, is there a chance you will be using it in a very hairy situation or just to get out of a mudhole?
    3)Do you intend to winch other people if need be?
    4)Do you mind excruciatingly slow speed?
    5)Do you mind failure?
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    Re: Mile Marker PE8000

    Currupt speaks wisely. I have a cheap ("Duke" - eBay - Chinese) 9000# winch which has served me well.......but I haven't done a lot of winching. It is VERY slow. Part of the learning process, I guess. Next winch I'm spending the extra bucks for a Warn.
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    Re: Mile Marker PE8000

    I was following a narrow trail once back country and fell off the edge a bit. No problem, I thought. I had a Tabor 9K winch. I got everything hooked up and the winch failed. A night in the woods and a friend came up the next day to pull me out.

    Now, I have th Warn XD9000i and I can use it any time and anywhere!

    Go for the better winch when you can afford it.

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