1. Top Gear channel launches on YouTube

    Top Gear channel launches on YouTube

    Top Gear is easily the most popular car show in the world, and one of the most popular shows altogether. But since it doesn't reach every corner the globe, the daily miracle that is the internet fills in the gaps. The BBC's approach to the online airing of Top Gear episodes has been an ongoing saga, with the company initially ordering YouTube to take them down, then putting the episodes on their own site before striking a deal with YouTube to allow episodes to be shown on the popular online video portal. The latest chapter in the saga now has Top Gear launching its own YouTube channel, which has now gone live. The channel features a vast library of Top Gear segments, including car reviews celebrity interviews and of course the famous epic challenges. All in all some 30 new clips have been added, and the channel will also host viewer competitions for prizes and whatnot. The new channel could potentially also host episodes of the American and upcoming Australian versions of the series as well, but we'll have to wait and see on that one.
    YouTube - TopGear's Channel

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    I absolutely LOVE Top Gear... I mean, it has everything... People out of their normal element... Sports cars and big engines that make *such* delightful noises... Those insane epic challanges... And above all else, the presenters on the show are just grand, funny, witty, and they banter well amongst themselves. The BBC has some good quality programming, I have to say...

    the feeling's forever...

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