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    Just thought I'd drop you all a quick line to let you all know I'm not dead. I'm having some friends up this weekend and they havebeen joined by an unexpected couple. Just to let you know how the Jeep family works, here is a brief example of "The Jeep Thing".

    I found out while I was away Saturday that another couple would be visiting my house on Friday night, so after work on Monday, I started to do a little handy work, and 4 walls, a roof, some wire, and a little sheet rock later, we now have a fourth guest room. I just got done the last coat of paint, and am taking a break while it dries, before I move the furnature in and start decorating.

    See, I told you you all were welcome, and if I don't have enough room, we'll just make a little more lol.

    Tug, I am still working on the trip, and have some good news. I'll be on Sunday at 10:00 pm, and if your on, I'll give you a shout.

    Everybody else, I 've missed you all, and cannot wait until I'm back as a permanant fixture in the room. I'll check up on all the messages on Sunday.

    Again, I look forward to talking with you all soon



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    Hey Rob!

    Glad to hear from you! Patti [addsig]

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    I feel so abandoned! Tug[addsig]

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    Hey Rob glad to hear from ya. I've been quite busy over the last couple days as well. I am glad to say my jeep is 100% operational now (minus 5th gear). Please keep me informed on all the details of the trip...I can't wait![addsig]

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    hey rob... i was starting to worry about you! keep us posted man... and let me know when my room is ready i'll move down the next day! [addsig]

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    Glad to hear you're not mummified or anything Hope ya have fun with the couple of couples (that sounds just way too corny) [addsig]

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