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    My Jeep got stolen today...

    I walked out to the parking lot of the apartments I live in this morning, and my Jeep was gone... I live 10 minutes from the Mexican border, so chances of getting it back are slim to none, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! The local police and Geico weren't very encouraging either, but hopefully its still in the area and in one piece.. I still just can't believe it.

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    That sucks!!..Sorry to hear that.
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  3. Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    oh man, I am sorry.
    I was stationed in Deming, NM for awhile and was so scared to take my TJ there just for that reason. I really hope against hope that you find your Jeep and it is still complete and in the same condition as before it was stolen.

    Check with your local Border Patrol station, plead your case to a shift Super and ask/beg them to keep an eye out for your Jeep. If your Jeep is going to be used for transport (people/drugs) it may stay in the US. Also, the Border Patrol may have Border Cameras. Good luck man.
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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    Thanks, the police officer who came actually called and checked with a border patrol agent he knew, but it hadn't registered as crossing the border. I guess Wranglers along with Honda Civics are two of the most stolen cars in southern CA, so they track them when they cross. I just hope someone didn't decide to put its offroad capability to use and cross overland..

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    I hate to hear about that! That's one thing I can't stand is a theif! Times are really bad right now with the economy being screwed up, that this kind of stuff is happening daily. I had our 97 Grand Cherokee stolen out of my girlfriends driveway one night. The one thing that helped us to find the Jeep and the theif was he used my cell phone I had left in the cupholder. We called our wireless provider and got the numbers he had called. Long story short, the police detective used the numbers to locate the house. All in all, that guy had stolen 18 vehicles within the year. He's still in jail.

    I hope you can get your Jeep back, Lord knows I would go out of my mind....
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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    I am well on my way.. It wouldn't be so bad except the proximity to the border. Thousands of cars (and other things) disappear over there and aren't seen again. Even LoJack dies out like 6 miles over the border. That was a good break how that guy used your cell phone, I hope I get a break and just get my Jeep back...

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    It almost doesn't pay to have a nice vehicle anymore. Low life thieves rank just slightly above child molesters in my opinion, and hope the lot of them rot in that really bad place that begins with h...

    I hope you get your Jeep back (intact) and the slime bag(s) get their due.


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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    Sorry man that really bites!

  9. Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    I think it's time to move, lol.
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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    That really sucks, sorry to hear that.

    On the plus jeep!

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    That really sucks, I hate thieves with a purple pashion. Coyotes steal those things to transport drugs and or "immigrants" through the backcountry. Even if they find it the SOB's will screw it up so bad it'll never be the same. MAN, I HATE thieves!!!!

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    Dave, could you post some more pics of your jeep please. You never know where it may be seen or end up being driven by the asshat that stole it. I know Texas is a huge state but like I said you never know; anything is possible. Use the internet to your advantage and get the word out as much as you can. It may very well be in Mexico but there's a chance it may not be too.

    Next question. If I do see your jeep in my area, do you want to be able to identify the body of the guy driving it or not?
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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    Thanks guys, I have to tolerance for a thief either, but the sad fact is this happens way too often. And I plan on moving, it was already in the works, we're headed for Seattle in May, but I was eager to hit the mountains in my TJ. Anyway, I'll try to get a few more pics up like Blackwidow suggested. Oh, by the way, Lisa, I really don't need to identify the body, and the seats are scotchguarded, so don't worry about making a mess :P

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    note taken - I'll try to keep it clean as possible but I make no promises.
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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    Haha, thanks.. I wonder if it'll wind up that far away- in one piece anyway.

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    oh no! Horrible!!!

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    I'll keep my eye out on the East coast too... They better hope the cops catch 'em first! Me thinks the people in this forum would deliver the vehicle back to you with the scumbag tied up inside... I know I would. At least the cops would be nice enough to ARREST them.
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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    Yeah no kidding.. Well, day 3 and no word from anyone still.. Every time I walk by the parking spot I hope it'll magically show back up. This really sucks... I've started looking for a replacement (its so terrible to think about!), and I have my eye on a stock '01 XJ..

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    Prolly, some federally in ol Mexico is having it upolstered and painted as we all write back and forth about it. Or some policia chief is having "bubble-gum machine lights" mounted on top. Them dirty rotten, wacko wack, sunny beaches

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    Re: My Jeep got stolen today...

    HiHood has a nice anti theft system.Hard to steal if there is no

    Sorry to hear about your Jeep..Hope everything works out for you.

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