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    YouTube - Chainlink extreme 4x4 in action

    THIS IS NUTZ!!!!!!

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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

    love for the flatie to do that lol

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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

    I would like to see the drive train set up on that.

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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

    That little YJ didn't do too bad itself there.

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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

    That thing is pretty cool. It's been in a few comps too, and wasn't the fastest thing there for sure, but did pretty well and had no trouble with any obstacles. Only crappy part is Cameron, who built it, has never had a computer, so there's never been a build up on it.

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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

    That's pretty slick! Talk about having some crazy fun in that thing. lol
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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

    Link no workie. Says it is set to private
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    Re: Articulation!!!!!

    Dirty rotten #@%#*@#@#!!!! Oh well, it WAS a good one.

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