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    I have a 4 banger in my 02' TJ that is completly stock right now. I only get 15.8 milses to the gallon, to me that seems a low for just a 4cyl. If anyone has a 4 banger let me know what kind of milage you get so I have something to compare against.[addsig]

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    I have an 87 YJ and I get 19.5 with out conserveing and 21 if I watch it. I have a K&N filter in the stock air box and a free flowing exaust. that really made it what it is! Tug[addsig]

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    17.5 city. No Cat and a fram cone air intake[addsig]

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    Hey todd...fram cone? Is it the cone or the regular cylinder? I got a fram filter on now (was to poor for $40 K& all the places had to order the one I needed) but its more like a can than a cone...I dont really like it because there is not a lot of lip on the end of the filter to clamp the hose onto and I'm concerned about leakage. Do you know what the Part No. of the filter that you are using is? I couldn't seem to find a fram cone that would fit...and the apes at autozone weren't helpful in the least bit...they wanted to sell me the flat stock filter and couldn't find anything for me because I had a "custom" intake and they needed make, model, year, engine, transmission, etc. to find anything.[addsig]

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    95 YJ 2.5L 18-20/city 21/hwy stock. Just added a K&n air filter but have yet to use a tank of fuel in the week since I installed it. So far though it looks like Im doing a little better fuel wise maybe gained a mile or 2 but won't know until I have to fill up in anouther day or 2.

    Just a note on the K&n everyone online wants $40 for it. Advance Auto Parts sells em for $36.99 and they normaly have em in stock. My local store had one on waiting and I saved $3 plus shipping :-D

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    Ray, the part number of mine is RE-0930. It's a cone but with a flat top. There's a shop here in Albuquerque, called Yearwoods. They have it for like $30 or so.[addsig]

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    1053628 00 TJ 4banger got 17 city. Something sounds odd... are you driving it real hard.[addsig]

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    I get a little below 15mpg with the 4.0L, 33x12.5, and 4.11's. Depending on the daily force of gravity on the vertical pedal on the right.[addsig]

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    oh crap! There must be something really wrong with Sandy! I only get 11! That's on the highway going 75-90 depending on the wind...but still! I'll have to check her out. -Mike :-D [addsig]

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    I have a 99 TJ 4.0 5 speed and I get around 21 highway. I truly believe it's all in how you drive it. If I'm wheeling, I get about 7 miles, at least it seems that way lol

    Rob :-P 8-) [addsig]

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    Ya i know your engine just likes to drink a little more gas when you don't take it out of first the w hol time you're on the trail with all wheels turnin [addsig]
    3.5\" rough country lift, 33x12.50 Dunlop Radial Mud Rovers, K&N, GT steering wheel, Flowmaster w/ no cat

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    my 93 2.5L gets a steady 14.8 mpg. thats city driving with a heavy foot.[addsig]
    1993 YJ 2.5L 5-speed

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