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    I just got a new lap top and am learning how to use it,which is a painfully slow process for me, being quite ignorant about computers. I wanted to send pictures of these marker lights that I made for jeeps with oversize tires.
    You may see these items again,cause I had sent terry mason these photos also,but I hadnt seen them posted,and am not sure he even recieved them. So here goes.
    yahoo,I amaze myself sometimes. Anyway, I had some springs laying around and I got this idea for marker lights.I was concerned about them breaking off,and this is what i came up with. You cant weld the springs,because that well change their metal properties and they well break, so I used jb weld and a set screw to hold them in place. I put silicone around the base of the light to prevent moisture getting inside the light,ran the wires through the spring and into the bodyof the jeep.
    I was a little concerned that the filaments in the bulb would break because of all the bounceing around on the trail, but they work just fine 6 months later.
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