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    stopping in to say hi (pics)

    Hey guys long time no type. Sold off the bmw and the liberty :) this past week and just bought the wife her wrangler she's been asking for for about 10 years.

    93 sahara that is all stock, minus bumpers and cherokee rims. No rust and needs tires and an alignment. Very decent truck though and only 4k to get it.

    One question, being new to wranglers, how do I turn on the ac? There is a compressor in the normal spot but no ac switch anything on the hvac panel. There is a set of odd rotary knobs just above the knees down by the vents for your knees but they appear to not work.

    On a cherokee note: I camo'd my jeep about a month ago and then someone posted a link to the army tech manual on camo for vehicles so I have to redo it now. But here are the pics of it now.

    As you can see, the camo is still working but I want to have it proper
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

  2. Re: stopping in to say hi (pics)

    Nice Jeeps! Looks like you scored with the '93 Sahara for only 4k....looks clean too, and the Mrs. looks happy so all is well.

    Most Wranglers I see in this area for 4k show signs of abuse.
    2006 Wrangler Sport

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    Re: stopping in to say hi (pics)

    yup, i was very surprised to find it at this price. and, it had been on craigslist for a while but i guess most people don't want to drive to 5 minutes from the bottom tip of texas to pick one up :) .

    its very nice but those tube bumpers are very cheaply made. the front one says smittybuilt on the caps and the rear says heardtech or something on the caps and they are so thin walled that you can almost bend them by looking at them hard. i accidentally broke the buckles on two of the tie straps fro the bikini top already but its ok because she want a factory soft top instead of hte bikini because she wants to be able to roll the sides down if it rains.

    you guys know why they have trac bars on the yj? the front one is missing the bolt to the axle and the bushing but i didn't see it till 150 miles away from where we bought it. the wife said the steering was kind if jittery over 65mph but i figured it was the bad looking tires so when we got to corpus christi, i looked under to see what was making the jingling noise and it was the trac bar sitting on the axle tube and no bushing. jeep drove decent enough with out it though. why are there trac bars on a vehicle with leafs?
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

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    Re: stopping in to say hi (pics)

    oh ya, some more pics from the drive today.

    the odometer in my cherokee rolled to 200k about 2/10s of a mile past the border patrol check point south of sarita. luckily, my cherokee has 64k less miles then the odometer and its documents in the owners manual.

    here's the wrangler when we put the hard top on in harlingen. he had it to show us with no top on so we had to stop on the way home and pick up the hard top. my youngest son is not to happy to have a hard top on and said he loved the wind blowing in his hair on the highway. both of my boys love the wrangler with no top on it but my oldest said he cannot ride in it with out a power outlet for the psp or dvd players. i suspect they are a bit spoiled because when we traveled as kids we played count the blue cars or slug bug or something like that
    no more jeeps at this time. next time it will be a cj with a v8

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    Re: stopping in to say hi (pics)

    Those knobs by the knees are for the AC, at least in my 94 wrangler.

  6. Re: stopping in to say hi (pics)

    Nice lookin Jeeps!

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    Re: stopping in to say hi (pics)

    Ya, AC knobs are under the dash, it looks like an afterthought on the YJ's.

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    Re: stopping in to say hi (pics)

    Now she's gona want a lift new tires and rims all kinds of goodies

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