1. Uncompaghre Forest

    I live in Tx, and have never driven in snow, and im heading to colorado in november and if it snows, is there anything i should do to my jeep to prepare for the trip? My jeep is a stock 06 unlimited rubicon with stock goodyear mtr tires. Going to be in the Uncompaghre National forest. Any tips would be appreciated. thanks.

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    bring chains. i have driven in the snow a fair amount without chains but for a new snow driver, i would say bring chains.
    03 rhd tj

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    Put it in 4 hi before you get stuck not after.

    Go slow and use the chain to pull other people from ditches..lol

    I am not a big fan of tire chains,They are very effective but can be deadly if done wrong or you try and drive to fast.

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    get chains for all 4 tires,better safe then sorry. when I drove my jeep in the snow for the first time.I just had chains on the rear,had a foot and a half of snow,didnt do to good.went and put chains on all the tires,was able to drive up hill in 18 inches of snow. considering the winters in colorado,Id want to be prepared for anything. For 4 tire chains on 33x12.5 tires I paid 200 d0llars.

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    WELCOME TO COLORADO!make sure your anti-freeze is up to speed it gets cold in the forest, good heavy duty chains for all 4 tires,lots of bungie cords for keeping chains tight, a winch or heavy duty come-a-long,warm sleeping bag,emergency kit,shovel,and the commen sense to go slow,4 wheel drive does not mean 4 wheel stop!

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