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    It's amazing how many replies 4wheelinhoney has gotten just by introducing herself. There have been several new members this week with little response, so I was wondering what is the record for replies to a subject on here. "Boys will be Boys" :-D :-D ...........Bullet[addsig]

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    what did you expect? :) lol[addsig]

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    I didn't notice until I read your post. I think most Jeepers jet a whoo-raa from girls in jeeps, girls -n-guns, girls w/ tools - you get the idea.

    Sure do miss thoes Jeepbabes... ;-)

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    plus alot of it was messing around stuff, like the orange.

    Plus, Dude, a girl in a Jeep!!!!!!! That's how I met my wife, talking about Jeeps on the internet.

    It all comes down to Daisy Duke!!!!!

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    just the good ol' boys...

    It's a good think that poster of Daisy Duke that was on my wall can not talk...


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    I agree Chicks in Jeep's with the top in in summer wearing bikini's nothing tops that. While driving trailers there were certain cars you would look for in the drivers side mirror coming up that you knew would be good to look at and topless Jeep's were definatly one of them :-O .............Bullet[addsig]

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    i cant resist a pretty girl in a jeep[addsig]
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