1. Camping in jeep?

    I was wondering if there was a tent that extended out of the back of your jeep kind of like a pop up camper type deal where the bed slides out and you lift a bar to make the roof pop up if anyone knows if something like this exists please let me know thanks

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    I don't any other links off the top of my head, if your looking for a tent on the ground that connects to your "just for jeeps has what you want.

    Search (in jeepz) for "rooftop tents" there are a lot of options on that thread.

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    Re: Camping in jeep?

    This is what you need:

    4x4 Military Off Road 4WD Jeep Tent Trailer | eBay

    Camping in jeep?-jeep-trailer.jpg

    Although they also have this (and claim it fits a wrangler)

    MOPAR Recreation Net Outdoor Blue and Gray Mesh TENT | eBay

    Camping in jeep?-wrangler-tent.jpg
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    Re: Camping in jeep?

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