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    I am just starting my 1982 cj5 project I'm 17 years old and can't wait to drive my jeep
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    Re: Cj5 project

    Congrads! Looks like a good one to start with. What engine/trans combo you got?

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    It's got the 151 4 cylinder gm with a 4 speed t5 transmission but I might bore the engine out and I have a bigger cam for it and looking to put a webber carb on it

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    Re: Cj5 project

    is it running or are you starting from a dead jeep and working towards your dream jeep? it looks like its in a junkyard in that picture. other then some windshield rust, or maybe a ton of rtv, it looks good though
    03 rhd tj

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    That year jeep is my dream jeep so I'm restoring it but not really doing anything crazy maybe some bigger tires and suspension later on but that's about it and thats no junk yard haha that's actually my back yard there's two more cj5's back there but those are 1960's and the windshield frame is gone but I found a used fiberglass tub with the frame that I'm going to pick up for like 300$

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    Also it is not running currently the motor is on a stand in my dads garage were looking for the pistons he ordered some years ago that are hidden in the garage

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    Re: Cj5 project

    Ha! sounds like the field behind my house. I've got a few projects back there. I may get to them and I may not, regardless they're there. Your jeeps got the wide track axels, would like to have a set of them for mine. I think the '87 model axels is what I really need to look for, I think they had Dana 44 rear.

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    Yea I'm not sure if this model has the wide track I know they started making the around this time but I'm not sure il have to check

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    Re: Cj5 project

    thats cool man. you guys should have fun working on that jeep
    03 rhd tj

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    Front fenders and hood and fire wall are good only one bad spot in the frame up front and some pictures of the other projects around the house the blue jeep is another cj5 the frame with the crack is also another cj5 and the prize possession of the vehicles the numbers matching 1969 camaro ss convertible (;
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    Cj5 project-image-712872343.png  

    Cj5 project-image-954254096.png  

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    Re: Cj5 project

    man, that is a seriously rusty frame
    03 rhd tj

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    It's mostly surface rust it will clean up like the other frame the back is where the frame is gone

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    Re: Cj5 project

    I had to make the back section of my frame, it was pretty bad rusty and broken. What about the camaro? I could come get it outta your way so you'd have more room to work on the Jeep.

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    Haha yea right my dad won't even let me breath on it

  15. That's sick, I'm 16 and workin on a 59 cj5 from scratch right now


  16. Awesome project good luck!!!

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    Pullin the body off this weekend pictures will be up

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