Jeep beat GMC to become America’s top-selling truck-only brand. 2011 Jeep sales soared 44.0 percent to 419,349 units led by the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler while GMC sales topped out at 397,986, a gain of 18.8 percent.

The Wrangler continues to be the best-selling traditional, body-on-frame SUV. The Grand Cherokee jumped to No. 13 in December sales.

The Ram pickup was No. 4 in overall December light vehicle sales and No. 7 for the year.

Chrysler easily maintained its position as the No. 4 automaker by U.S. sales volume, outselling Honda by more than 221,000 units. Chrysler Group posted one of the highest growth rates in the industry, with sales up 37.1 percent in December, trailing only Kia (as a standalone brand, Kia was up 42.5 percent). In annual growth, Chrysler was third, behind Kia and Volkswagen.


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