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    What do you guys think is the hardest surface to get threw??? Mud,rock,sand,sluge,dirt. I think sand is just the worst.I mean it is like a bunch of crushed pebles,that you just sink into and dig yourself in to the rims.I was just thinking because today me and my uncle hi centered on a sand pile. It was temting and we couldnt resist. Later :wink: Sully[addsig]

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    One thing I learned from our Humm-V driving classes in Camp Lejune is that Sand is One of the Easier substances to get through. Unfortunantly you have to deflate your tires a little so they flatten out on the bottoms and give you more surface area coverage. I personally find that a fresh plowed field after a south Georgia thunderstorm to be kinda tuff. Then again I haven't been on the "Extreme" rock courses.[addsig]
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    SNOW! very unpredictable.[addsig]
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    After riding through the silt piles at my local abandoned quarry after a good rain is the toughest I have seen. The whole pile slides at a moments notice and if you stop you sink.[addsig]

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    the worst times ive ever been stuck is snow, that has to be the worst
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    heh... i got stuck in a mud pit... that kinda sucked. had to get a tow-truck out with a winch and a flatbed to get me out. it was crazy.[addsig]

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    I would have to say ice. It is extremely unpredictable, so much that I rolled my Jeep on it back in december. so yah, ICE

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    Black Ice. Yup Black Ice! Tug[addsig]

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    I'd say about 4 " of sheet ice and snow on top of that, I'm surprised you didn't come up with that one Nate lol !!!!!!!

    Rob :-P 8-) [addsig]

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    Peat bog, it´s a moss that grows in marshes and swamps, the grass grows on top of the moss, the moss grows on top of the water and mud. Your driving along, in a flat field with solid ground (foot or so of grass) and all of a sudden the bottom drops out (kinda like biologically friendly quick sand). You are suddenly looking at the grass from root level, the windshield is covered in muck (that stinks) and your ass is wet. I´ve learned to notice the change in color of the grass. I´ve also learned to keep my seat belt tight, after breaking some ribs.[addsig]

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    the beauty of snow is, it doesnt hurt anything if the jeep sits in it, with mud you've gotta worry about it seeping everywhere, plus come summer, you're unstuck automatically![addsig]
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    but with snow you have to deal with other non-jeep non-4wd non-intelligent drivers out there...[addsig]

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