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    OK at this time we have 1 memeber and 10 visitors on line. Sign up it is free fun and you can learn and teach alot here. If you like Jeeps then join Jeepz. Tug[addsig]

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    Does business seem slow lately? Maybe it's the warmer weather?[addsig]
    97 TJ Sport... 31's-- That\'s all for now!
    2001 Cherokee Sport-- Family truck!

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    yeah come on in![addsig]

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    Ya the forum is slow latly. Bye :wink: Sully[addsig]

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    I'm here man..... Now turn the key and lets get muddy..... 8-) [addsig]
    Happy Trails

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    Hey everyone!

    My problem has been too much work and very little play....when I finally do get home, I rarely have time for the computer/posts....please forgive me!!! ;-) I do have a few new updates with the Jeep (Borla header finally installed and 4XDoctor diff guards) and I will have write-ups on the web page soon...hopefully!

    Take care, Patti ;-) [addsig]

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    Sometimes, I am one of those guest's. When I first come on, I don't sign in until I post something sometimes. Sorry but I am not the most attractive gentleman so the dark is my friend!

    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    my comp automatically logs me in so im doing the best i can :-P [addsig]
    Summit County, Colorado - 96 XJ - Magnaflow exhaust, K & N filtercharger, H4 conversion, MT/R's on 767's, safari rack, hot blonde and an Australian Shepherd riding shotgun

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    (((((HELLO))))) (((((HELLO))))) (((((HELLO))))) Must be an echo in here.....

    OlllllO 8-) [addsig]
    Happy Trails

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