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    A few years back I was pretty big into building plastic car models. I am think
    about getting into it again.

    I want to start with a Jeep model, I would
    like it to be a YJ (because that is what I own). I have done a bit of searching
    online and not finding much.

    My question is do any of my Jeep brothers
    and sisters have any ideas for finding a YJ?

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    6,666 Full scale parts here. dde0a eBay has some $$$$$ ones.
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    Re: Models

    If you have a local hobby shop you might want to talk to the guy there. They may be able to order something a little less common then what's generally seen.

    About 20 years ago when my sons were into models a little I built a CJ5 model that I painted to match the CJ5 I had then...the kit even had a driver & a dog...I painted the drivers hair & painted a beard on him & painted the dog to look like my dog.Maybe I should repaint the drivers hair & beard gray now. It was fun at the time & got a lot of comments from my friends who knew what a Jeep nut I was/am. Good luck in your search.
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