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    Just got back from a retreat in the woods. We had a bunch of people but the only ones who could make it to the actual site itself was the guys with jeeps or other 4x4's. My jeep was unstopable, first time I really went offroading with it, I loved every minute of it.
    However a good friend of mine rolled his jeep down a pretty nasty loose dirt road. Thankfully he walked away fine...if you see his jeep you know there was someone watching over him that day. [addsig]

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    its good to see that you took the jeep out and baptized it[addsig]
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    A dirty Jeep is a happy Jeep. All Jeeps were born to run wild and to cage em in a garage and keep in the civil world is just a shame. Jeep to the beat tug[addsig]

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    Amy pics pf your Jeep in action? How about the rolled Jeep... totalled?[addsig]
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    Even though I brought the camera along I completely forgot to take pictures. I have pic's of the rolled jeep, but I dont think my buddy would like it to much if I posted them. It was pretty beat though. I was sitting in my jeep when he pulled in the driveway before I knew he rolled it, and I noticed his soft top all messed up. Than one of his headlights looks like it got pushed in, its dented pretty bad right around the headlights, where the hood meets the hinges kinda went up and back ( I couldnt really figure that part out), one of his doors wont close. One of the handles got ripped off (careful these things turn into razor like metal when ripped apart!!!!!), a big big dent in the back, his back liceanse plate was ripped off....probably alot more than we could see at the time too.[addsig]

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    tell him he should be proud that his jeep took the beatin and is still driveable !! wear those battle scars proudly !! he should post the pics. himself and say ..." look what my jeep can take ! "[addsig]

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