1. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

    Ok I just got this Jeep Cherokee Laredo 2000 from this guy he said that the key kept spinning around so he replace the cylinder On it and couldn't get it back together right I got One of Mechanic friend to put the key cylinder all back together now we have a indicator light coming on on the dash for the key an dont know what to do the light flashes one time and it's a yellow light please help

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    Re: 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

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    I'm not actually familiar with that model year but it sounds like the security light is the light in question . If that is in fact the case , the key is supposed to be programmed to be recognized by the security system . Only the dealer or a qualified locksmith that does automotive lock cylinders can do that . I'm assuming that you've got no issues starting the engine and all else is well with no drivability issues ? I ask because on newer models , if a key isn't recognized by the security , the vehicle either won't start ( or even crank ) or stall to prevent theft . If you can find out what symbol the light is displaying , that may be helpful . You might even find it in an owners manual if it's still on board . If you can post a picture that can clearly illustrate it with any message the light may have would be helpful too. Hopefully someone here will have knowledge of this light .
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    ^^agree^^. With the new ignition did you get a new key? Was the key and tumbler chipped? If so check into getting the key and PCM properly reprogrammed. If the new key and tumbler were not chipped but the old was you need to correct this first. Despite the vehicle starting and running it may just shut off one day.
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