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    Don't want to purchase trash....

    I want to get my boyfriend (who owns a 2013 Jeep Wrangler) a customized gas cap for his jeep. I found one from a website called "Skull Krushers" but I couldn't find many reviews about the shop online and I'm not sure if a regular gas cap is supposed to be more or less expensive (it's $48.99 on the site).


    I don't know if it is at all good quality as I am no mechanic and am I in no way familiar with jeeps. I just don't want to get something that is trash or isn't to the same quality that he has on his wrangler now and I'm not sure if the product they are describing is at all worth the money/time it would take him to install. Thank you!

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    Re: Don't want to purchase trash....

    That is a gas hatch cover and bezel not a cap.. The caps are $5-9 and need to seal and vent properly or the engine has trouble or throws codes. But again what you posted is the hatch cover so there is no harm in replacing that. Cool looking. Here is a website to com pair prices. I can't comment on that sites service/delivery.



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