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    Do you think a snorkel would have helped?

    Merchant ship Nasim II
    The merchant ship Nasim II was launched in 1959 in England and was repeatedly sold until it became the property of a Panamanian society. It was about 66 m long and 11 m wide. On the night between 11 and 12 February 1976 it left Livorno heading toward Alexandria in Egypt with a cargo of 49 cars, among other things. Shortly after 4 o’clock for unknown reasons the bow struck with violence the Punta Scaletta rocks, at the base of the Roman villa. When the SOS was launched, the commander tried to direct the ship to Cala Maestra to lay it down on the bottom of the cove, a maneuver that would allow to recover the ship later. The merchant ship took on water quickly and began to tilt, scattering his cargo load into the water, because the cars were positioned on the top deck of the ship. The attempt was unsuccessful and the ship sank just off Cala Maestra, at a short distance from Punta Pennello, and now it lies on the seabed at 60 m deep with the bow in the direction of the cove. Around the merchant ship are remains of the cars lost in the shipwreck, that can be explored by expert divers (the so-called “parking”).

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    Re: Do you think a snorkel would have helped?

    I wonder if there was a soft top on that or where the seats went. It looks like the trip down was rough.


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