Well I know I preach about buying OEM sensors. Think I'd follow my own advice? Well I have but I still have an issue. Non Jeep vehicle. Honda, has had the wheel bearings changed and in the process the sensors were damaged. They wouldn't come out of the holes from Being rusted in place.
So from one online shop I buy an OEM sensor and install without ohming it. My mistake. There goes 150. Can't exchange because if was installed. So I end up buying two more OEM from a well known vendor and returned them due to being open res out of the box. This last one I ohmed out at ~6k and installed. But I have the same fault and find the it is now open res. Are these that sensitive or can you damage them when installing like a crank sensor without a paper gasket?

How easy should they slide in?

And yes the bearing has the tone ring installed correctly.


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