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    JeepCherokeeClub... no.

    So I pretty much just got ushered away from that Jeep forum with little explanation.

    Apparently my having bought the MFC lift has caused an issue? They dont get along or something, and my mentions of that part or others made by MFC are a huge issue over there, worthy of moderators editing and removing my comments with little explanation of why.

    Im a disabled veteran & full time dad, aint nobody got time for that clicky hs drama shit.

    I had a week+ long thread about the front wiper fluid reservoir location.... and realized researching one day MFC had created a relocation kit already in their full bumper replacement.

    This mention started the issue. Suddenly my comments are being moderated, edited, and even removed entirely.

    Im just a guy trying to talk parts mods and solutions to Cherokee TH off-roading, really. If owning a part from a company they dont like gets my comments removed, wtf is the point?

    (Shakes head)

    No idea what happened between them and at this point I dont even care. There might be less Cherokee owners and virtually no one who cares about off-roading one on other forums like this one, but you folks are way more friendly.

    I left a super polite thank you msg for the members id interacted with and didnt mention any of it, then bounced.

    I however doubt the mods even let that post remain. Crazyness.

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    JeepCherokeeClub... no.

    Not all forums are the same. There are some forums where the moderators allow you to rip each other apart. There is a good and a bad to that. The good is you are unlikely to be lead down the wrong path cause many are experienced fabricators and doing big mods and builds. The bad is you can get raked across the coals for asking before searching.

    Despite it all i find Jeep forums in general have more knowledgeable members than other automotive forums. There are more problems solved snd good write ups too.

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    This thread is not as fascist as the others. We are very understanding from new to experienced to the keeping world. I hope this forum is much better suited to your needs. And thank you for your service Sir. If I ever can help I will do my best. Everyone I've talked with has been very polite and informative.

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    Re: JeepCherokeeClub... no.

    I prefer to keep things drama free around here, and I'm proud to say we do a pretty good job of it.
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