1. What is this? How do I recreate?

    Been taking photos when I have seen a good looking Jeep over the past year. Now that I am serious about getting one as a 2nd vehicle looked back at my photos and realized all 3 Jeeps look the same...so definitely know what I like...but I am a Jeep newb so donít know what I have been looking at.
    My questions are:
    1.) Appx what year and trim are these?
    2.) appx what additions have been done? Lift? Tires? Other stuff.?
    3.) whatís the easiest and least expensive way to get to this look? For instance: buy a Ď15 X-trim version, buy y from the local shop and get z tires and a w-inch lift.

    Iíve got that they are Silver Saharas (I think) with color matched tops but unsure beyond that. Thanks in advance.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails What is this? How do I recreate?-ce9b87ca-49b9-4798-93dd-5912592b261f.jpeg  

    What is this? How do I recreate?-d417918a-c8c3-45fa-a665-fe391f4fa66b.jpeg  

    What is this? How do I recreate?-5dbb49bd-bd86-4658-98d6-ed51cda11ce0.jpeg  

    What is this? How do I recreate?-843ba4d5-62d8-414b-bd88-a5704ef4be52.jpeg  

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