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    Who is pricing accessories????

    Do you guys ever look at some of these accessories for jeeps and wonder what the hell was they thinking? I just looked at a little section of netting for the rear sides...over 100 dollars! A set of door hangers that was basically a piece of metal with two holes in it was 130 and you needed two sets for a 4 door. I just canít believe the markup of some of this stuff. Ignore me, Iím just venting I guess.

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    Re: Who is pricing accessories????

    Some things are outrageous.
    You could learn to weld.
    Or buy beer for your welding buddy

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    Re: Who is pricing accessories????

    Just Empty Every Pocket.

    There is plenty of competition, so prices reflect costs plus a reasonable profit. That's capitalism working just fine.

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    I get the feeling, they think that, just because we own Jeeps, we're made of money.
    Some of us maybe, but, not this guy. I'd rather spend my money on the things that keep her going, not bling. Guess I'll be naming her Ugly Betty.

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