1. '02 Taurus hesitating to start

    So this '02 Taurus with only 87k miles on her starts right up every time multiple times a day except for twice in the last 3 weeks. The first time was 3 weeks ago and the second was today. It happened the same both times. Turn the key and stop to let the pump prime, then when I turn to the start position the engine turns real slow and sort of in fits. Usually when a battery is low the engine turns slow but in rhythm. During my 2 starts the engine barely seemed to turn and the crankshaft rpm seemed to vary. On both starting events I let off the key and tried to start 2-3 times with rests in between. But then eventually on the 4th try it starts right up just as quickly as a normal start.

    I have No clue as to what might be causing this. Only thing I know to do is, next time it does this to put a voltage meter on the battery to see if it's weak. Actually though, because both events the engine ended up starting up like normal that would indicate something other than the batt. Electrically this car is a little odd though. The interior light never comes on when the doors are opened, for years, and then last week it comes on twice when one of the rear doors is opened.

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    '02 Taurus hesitating to start

    No that does not indicate its not the battery.
    If you have an O Reilly’s or AZ or Advanced... take you car there and let them load test the battery.

    Always check battery power and ground cables.

    I just went through this. Car with new battery wouldn’t start no lights... i go rescue. Check cables and that they were tight and BINGO it starts. Just cleaned the terminals and all is well.

    When this happens do you have any lights? Does the trip odometer reset?

    Other items to look at is the alternator, and starter.
    Had a ford alternator with serviceable brushes act odd when starting. Brushes wore and were shirting when starting. The indication was the voltage bouncing around before shutting off the engine. If shut off when voltage bouncing it resulted in No start. If voltage not bouncing when engine was shut off it would start.

    Check voltage before starting. 12.6V
    If it dips below 10V starting there is bad battery ir too much draw.
    After starting should read 14.4V if only 12-13v your alternator may be failing.
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    Re: '02 Taurus hesitating to start

    Thanks for the good advice. I'll be following up on every item you mentioned.

    This car is electrically weird with the interior lights. They've been malfunctioning forever, don't come on when any of the doors are open. Although they always do come on when the interior light switch is turned to on.

    Odometer is analog, or the rotating kind.

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