1. Which brand starter?

    I'm outfitting my middle aged '02 Taurus with a new starter and need some advice on what brand starter to get. I'm tempted to get this reman Motorcraft, the fourth one down in the orange remanufactured section..


    For $123 that seems reasonable for a OE reman. If not this one I'll probably be going for a reman of another brand so why not go OE?

    The other reman options I'm seeing at the car stores are...
    Napa brand
    Driveworks at Advance

    Should I go with the Motorcraft or one of these? $123 sounds almost too good although I really don't know.

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    Re: Which brand starter?

    AC Delco is a well known brand

    Its up to you. Any reman or other should come with a warranty.

    Be aware of any core charges and timeframe for he core. Esp online buys

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