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    What do you think of this Jeep?

    Not a fan of the wheels, but much of it looks pretty cool.
    I'm not sure what to make of that rollbar and the top though - can the top come off at this point, and is the rollbar mounted to the top?


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    What do you think of this Jeep?

    Nope! No thanks.

    EDIT: Just noticed the rear wheel wells are not cut out. Flex = rubbing.
    Second there are no bump stops in the front. They are removed from the cups. And the exposed shaft of the shock looks to be shorter than the space between the cup and spring perch. So the shock will bottom out before bump stop.
    Third the track bar and drag link do not look parallel. = bump steer

    Think I would have put big brake double piston calipers and rotors on.


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    Re: What do you think of this Jeep?

    Nice custom work but too pretty to be trail ready except for a cruise in the park and the grills got to go.

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