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  1. steering issue

    Just now rolling over 100k miles. Been feeling some steering weirdness so I get one front wheel up in the air and push at 3 and 9 and sure enough there's some wobble. Pushing at 12 and 6 gives no play at all.

    Although I'll probably be replacing the worn part myself I need some help diagnosing what all might need to be replaced. And since I need an alignment anyway I've made a deal w/ my local Goodyear tire shop to do a pre alignment inspection and identify my bad part(s) so I can replace them before they do the job.

    When I drop the car off what specific parts should I ask them to look at? I'm sure tie rod ends but what other kind of worn parts could be causing movement on the 3-9 push test?

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    Re: steering issue

    Wheel bearings

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    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    +1 on wheel bearings. Bad ones will wobble any direction.

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