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    Bumper Tire Carrier Rack Gas FLuid Can System

    Hello all!

    I'm looking for a Bumper Tire Carrier Rack Fluid Can System. I would like to not have to buy it all at once, possibly add components as I go. I have found three companies that don't seem to be victims of constant complaining about their products/quality and have Ball Bearings in the swivel point on the bumper. Before I spend $1000 or more Id was hoping for a little advice.

    Havoc vs LOD vs Hooke Rad.

    Thank you, Nick

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    LoD gets my vote. It is a solid rear bumper/tire carrier. Another option is the Smittybilt XRC Atlas. I just saw it on 4wheelonline. You can get the XRC Atlas bumper only and then upgrade it by getting the tire carrier. The tire carrier has a provision for gas cans and a high-lift jack.

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    Re: Bumper Tire Carrier Rack Gas FLuid Can System

    I have no direct experience with any but have read many peoples experiences.

    Things to consider is the swing hinge, the lock point and lock itself. There may be others. And over the years these may have improved.

    Hing point in the way of tailgate or not a similar arc. May not be able to fully open tailgate.
    Hinge wear and droop over time.
    Body vs bumper. Weight on bumper is better.

    Lock is it a latch or manual pin or needing 2 people.

    Does it rattle?

    Mounting to body eliminates some clearance and wear issues but body is not made to carry excessive loads. May crack over time.
    Bumpers are heavy and weight the back end down.

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    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    Re: Bumper Tire Carrier Rack Gas FLuid Can System

    After a lot of deliberation I went with the LOD Destroyer.

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