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    Hi,I am new to the jeeping world.I found this site in hopes of learning a thing or two.My friend told me about this site and I checked it out and this is a great site!!![addsig]

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    Hey,welcome to :wink: Sully[addsig]

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    you will be quite happy you joined
    93 YJ 4.0
    Spring Over, 33x12.50 Mastercraft Courser M/T, High Flow Exhaust, Diamondplate Rear Bumper, Trimmed Flares, 6\" spotters

    We, the Sovereign People of the Universe, wish to live in peace. We live among you, but we are not of you.

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    Glad your friend had the good woord for you. Welcome to the site. What part of the world are you in? Tug[addsig]

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    Welcome and good luck with all .......... :-D [addsig]
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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    Welcome, and who should we thank
    for the advertising (your Friend)?

    We are proud of the community
    of Jeepers here and are very
    glad to add new members everyday.

    What is your Geo Locale? You might
    be surprised and be close to others
    who are here.

    Any questions you have, ask away.
    Also there are 30,200 total SEARCHABLE
    post on the site. I like to compare the
    different advice and suggestions from
    different people on multiple threads.
    with CURRENT intel from the very wise
    elders who are so gracious with their experience.[addsig]

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    LOL He called Jeepz wise LOL jk

    Rob :-P 8-) [addsig]

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    you can thank my good friend Sully[addsig]

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    Oh,my!!!!! I know you!!!! Finally turned to the jeep side did you. You had me fooled this whole time.I was wondering how you knew where I was from. :wink: Sully[addsig]

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    LOL He called Jeepz wise LOL jk

    Rob :-P 8-)

    HALT, Military Police!!!
    You are under apprehension
    for impersonating a comic.

    (you know i'm just picken'
    at ya, cause you made me
    laugh), damn near choked
    on my dinner.

    I will type very slowly, just for you.
    :-D jk jk jk

    "CURRENT intel from the
    very wise elders",
    (quote USMPK9)
    Your right! I called you and OUR
    other Dear Friends wise:
    All that means is:

    I love it when you and the others
    have the: courage, know how,
    blood, tears, smiles, priceless moments
    and experience to:
    (before I do) :-D

    and share with me
    how to do it Right.
    The first time.
    thank you all.
    Terry is "superman" wise
    for creating, maintaining and upgrading Jeepz,
    I hope to shake your hand someday "Kind Sir"

    Thank you Terry Mason.. You ROCK!!
    and we ALL pray,
    will ALWAYS ROCK & never Roll, too hard.
    But Jeepz is just where all the
    "wise" Jeepers hang.......
    While we bandage our Rigs,,,,
    and our knuckles...
    and share !!!!
    so we can get up that next hill.
    K9 - Kena,, OUT!

    8-) 8-) 8-)

    Sully,,, Well done.

    edited by: USMPK9, Jun 03, 2003 - 04:15 PM[addsig]

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